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The Less Anonymous One

Remember the debacle that was Sportsnet's trade deadline day show? Remember their marquee guest?

In the most authoritative piece I've ever seen on Eklund, Greg Wyshynski (The Fourth Period, AOL Sports Fanhouse) chatted with the (getting less and less) anonymous hockey blogger and asked him the questions we've all been wondering about.

Because as Eklund's popularity and influence have grown -- with surging Web traffic, high-profile radio gigs and an on-air role during an NHL trade deadline television special -- so have serious charges about a fraudulent biography, his lack of journalistic ethics and some online behavior that historically has gotten professional reporters fired. During our hour-long conversation, the "anonymous hockey blogger" finally began to answer to them -- with some startling revelations.
Much, much more here.

[update: 08/02/2007, 8:43 AM]

Here's something interesting for those who follow Eklund and his many, many Canucks-related trade rumors:
So, In the past I have communicated with Eklund, We have developed what I'd call a "working relationship". However, it makes me want to call him out.

So, here we go, Today I am sending Eklund this email

"Hey Ek,Just an FYI, I was speaking with my friend in Scouting earlier today, and according to him Nonis has not finished with his 07/08 club building just yet.Something HUGE is coming in the form of a trade, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to mention the names involved on the Canucks side of things. But, apparently the goal is to aquire Olli Jokinen.... interestingly enough though, Brian Allen might be in the big picture as well.... this trade may involve more than 1 current Roster Canuck... I would only be able to speculate as to which Canucks are involved, but I think we both know that it would be for a D man, and a forward and perhaps a first/second round pick"

You already reported some possible jokinen rumours last week, now might be a good time to bring it up again, as this deal is looking immenant. Also, Last week I reported that Linden had re-signed, although this hasn't been announced yet, it is %100 a done deal, Thanks EK!"

Now keep in mind, all I have done in the past with Eklund is send him some stupid BS rumours to laughingly see if he posts them, and I admit, It was indeed me who started the Linden signing rumour. However, I only did that in the first place, to add to my arsenal of shit to point out when I called him out on it.

Eklund thinks that I am a "Senior" person within the Salmon Kings organization..... HAHAHAHA I delayed this message to a degree in timing so that Eklund wouldn't happen to see it before he posts anything about my rumour. However, I there is a chance he may still stumble apon it, but we'll see.

I will however, post the reply in email that he sends me. And I will in the future copy and past most of the other emails that I have had with him.

Enjoy ladies and Gents.
Now guess what rumor du jour just popped up on Eklund's site? *sigh*

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At August 03, 2007 11:01 AM, Anonymous Karina said...

I don't see it on hockeybuzz??

At August 07, 2007 10:38 PM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

Hi Karina, it's there buried within a post about Nashville radio...


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