Friday, June 29, 2007

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 37

Things were a littly nutty this week so I didn't get to post after Tuesday night's State of the Franchise. Last night I finally got some time to share my thoughts on the event; John and I both did so in episode 37 of The Crazy Canucks podcast.

This is a lo-fi episode that you die hard Canucks fan will appreciate. As we dive into summer, there is still a lot of action off the ice to talk about. Sadly, there is just John and J.J. in this episode to cover some of those topics, but the rest of the crew will return to offer up their thoughts about some of the things that are covered in this one.

These two guys chat a little about the draft, but a bulk of this episode covers the State of the Franchise event that happened at GM Place on June 26, 2007. They review the event as well as break down the pieces of information that gives some insight to what’s going on with the Canucks as an organization as well as the team.
Make sure you check it out.

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