Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Preseason: Ducks 3 Canucks 2 (OT)

As could be expected from a roster filled with mostly farmhands and prospects, last night's OT loss showcased some good things and some bad things.

From Elliott Pap (Vancouver Sun):

It was about the kids for the Vancouver Canucks on Monday and Ryan Shannon, the 24-year-old baby-faced forward, showed he was more than all right.

Playing both right wing and the left point on the power play, Shannon demonstrated his speed, skill and savvy as the Canucks opened their 2007 pre-season schedule with a 3-2 overtime loss to the Anaheim Ducks.
And Jason Botchford (Vancouver Province):

The Ducks won 3-2 in overtime when Petteri Wirtanen scored his second goal of the game. But that hardly mattered.

What did mater was Ryan Shannon had spark, Alex Burrows had edge and Luc Bourdon had a few headaches.

The winning goal deflected off of Bourdon after the young defenceman attempted an ill-advised pass. It wasn't the only time Bourdon had problems. He couldn't clear the puck out of the crease on the second goal when Wirtanen barrelled into the net, and he made a half-hearted effort one-on-one with Travis Moen in the first that led to a holding penalty.
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