Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scrap The Schedule Please

Finally, the NHL is poised to scrap the unbalanced schedule (David Shoalts, Globe and Mail) that allows Canucks fans to see Sidney Crosby only for the time this season, his third in the league.

A decision will be made at the governors' next meeting in late November and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said two options are being considered.

One choice is to drop one of the eight divisional games and make that a game against a team from the other conference. Under that proposal, teams from opposing conferences would travel to each city every other year. The current schedule has teams playing only teams from one division in the opposing conference every year, which means stars such as Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins are seen in western cities once every three years.

The second choice will drop the divisional games to six and have full interconference play with a home-and-home series between every team.
Personally, I wish they'd adopt the latter option and ensure that each team plays in every city. After all, it's hard to market the players when fans only see those players every other year (or every three years as the case is now). I'd willingly sacrifice two games a season each of the Wild, Oilers, Flames and Avs for a guaranteed chance to see Jagr, Lecavalier, Staal, and Heatley every year.

More on this from Bob Mackenzie (TSN.ca).

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At September 19, 2007 11:14 AM, Blogger Kel said...

Something it's not right with the math. Currently, there are 8 divisional games time 4 teams = 32, plus 4 conference non-divisional times 10 teams = 40, plus 10 inter-conference (5 home, 5 away) = 82 games. If you reduce the number of divisional games by 1 per team, you reduce a total of 4 games. Add the existing 10 games for inter-conference play, you still only have 14 for inter-conference play, not enough for 15 teams in the other conference. Furthermore, If you reduce the divisional games from 8 to 6 per team, you get 8 more games for inter-conference, a total of 18. That's far from enough to have a home-and-away series with each of the 15 teams in the other conference. What it allows you to do is to have a minimum of one game against the team in the other conference, plus 3 more games of choice (for Canadian teams, the natural choice is to play those 3 games against the 3 Canadian teams in the other conference).


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