Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Game Day Post: Islanders at Canucks

As Gordon McIntyre (Vancouver Province) points out this morning, the Canucks owe Mike Keenan the New York Islanders for much of their lineup today.

Butterfly effect: When a remote event, like a butterfly flapping its wings, over time has huge consequences elsewhere.

Who knew when Mike (Iron Butterfly) Keenan blew up the roster in 1998 he'd be laying the foundation for much of the Canucks' success today?

When Keenan traded Trevor Linden to the New York Islanders a decade ago he set in motion an indirect process that saw the return of Linden, the drafting of the Sedins and the acquisition of Roberto Luongo.
It's an interesting trip down memory lane for sure. I was still working at GM Place when the first Linden deal happened and the atmosphere for the next couple of games felt almost surreal. No one in the stands believed Trevor could ever play for another team and the trade really came out of nowhere. The Canucks were supposed to be a very good team that year and had an opening day lineup that featured Mark Messier, Pavel Bure, Alexander Mogilny, Jyrki Lumme, Dave Babych, Adrian Aucoin, Gino Odjick and Kirk McLean. They weren't, of course, which was why Trevor was traded and we saw the likes of Enrico Ciccone, Jamie Huscroft and Garth Snow in the free Willy jersey.

Much like Iron Mike dismantled the Canucks that season, Mad Mike did the same with the Islanders a couple of years later. Here's Elliott Pap (Vancouver Sun):

Both Luongo and Weekes were dealt on June 24, 2000 -- draft day -- clearing the decks for Milbury to select Rick DiPietro first overall. The Isles adored the way DiPietro handled the puck and we all know Luongo hasn't exactly mastered that aspect of his position.

Nonetheless, it took DiPietro another three seasons to establish himself as the No. 1 man on Long Island while Luongo immediately became the Panthers' top backstop.

Florida also obtained Olli Jokinen from the Isles in the Luongo deal. Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha went the other way. No wonder Milbury is now out of hockey and cracking wise on TV.
It's almost too bad this game is on Sportsnet instead of TSN because I love it when James Cybulski asks Mike Milbury about the Luongo deal.

Why the Canucks will tonight:
  • They catch another break from the league's schedule-makers. The Islanders played last night in Edmonton while the 'Nucks haven't played since Thursday. Tonight will be the Islanders' third game in four nights.
  • The Islanders have Marc Andre Bergeron on their blueline.
  • I won't say the "S" word but Louie LOVES playing at home.
More from today's MSM:
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