Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At What Point Do You Forgive The Unforgivable?

As the hockey world ponders over Todd Bertuzzi's reinstatement to the NHL, I would like to share another poignant piece by fellow blogger James Mirtle, in which he asks:

At what point do you forgive the unforgivable?"
Good question.

While the London Free Press called the reinstatement shameful and Allan Maki (Globe and Mail) criticized the timing of the league's decision, others like Darren Eliot (Sports Illustrated) simply says its time to move on. We know that Todd wants to and that the Avalanche have - heck, they signed Brad May who was named in Steve Moore's lawsuit.

We can only hope that the NHL learns something out of this incident (Terry Frei, ESPN), Steve Moore recovers and takes something out of the recovery process (Eric McErlain), and of course, the Canucks hope Todd can get back to playing some focused hockey (Ed Willes, The Province).
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