Monday, September 19, 2005

Some Quick Notes From The Blue-Silver Game

Some quick notes from the annual Vancouver Canucks Blue vs. Silver intrasquad game:
  • Fedor looked great. Much like two preseasons ago, he showcased his uncanny talent with the puck. Unfortunately, the mental lapses and boneheaded giveaways are still there though maybe less frequent. Interesting that he was placed on the same line as Linden. If Fedor is to take himself out of the doghouse, he needs to pay special attention to what Linden does on BOTH ENDS of the ice and how he handles himself off it. Bottom line: Crawford likes hard-working skaters and Fedor needs to demonstrate that he can be that.
  • Jason Doig is beginning to remind me of Brent Sopel, circa 2002. Big and quick... but lacking in puck smarts. Coincidentally, he is wearing Sopel's #3. I like the physical presence he brings to the team but with how often he gives up the puck, I'm not yet comfortable with the idea of giving him the top-4 minutes he played with the Capitals.
  • Richard Park is proving to be a solid pickup. Maybe it's the transition from a defensive mindset to an offensive one, but he needs to handle the puck with more poise.
  • Keefe, Ruutu and Bouck worked their tails off. Actually, Ruutu has approached this training camp like he way eyeing Cookie's spot on the third line - very impressive.
  • Lee Goren is not nearly mobile enough for the Canucks' system.
  • Luc Bourdon was solid but not spectacular, kinda like at the scrimmage with the World Juniors. His consistency and poise is a good sign. However, anyone who expects him to make the Canucks this season is fooling themselves - he needs another year or two to develop.

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