Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bang For The Buck

With his four points last night, Henrik Sedin passed Todd Bertuzzi as the Vancouver Canucks' second leading scorer this season. In fact, the line of Sedin, Sedin and Carter combined for seven points and their performance capped a very good January for the trio.

While the team seemed to struggle to a 9-6 January record, the Sedin line - we really need a nickname for these guys - played perhaps their best and most consistent hockey. Some even argue that they have overtaken the Westcoast Express as the Canucks' top line. Their January statistics certainly speak volumes:

In 15 January games, the Sedin line combined for 43 points (12G-31A); by comparison, the Westcoast Express combined for only 31 points (14G-17A). Even on the powerplay, where they are generally considered the second unit, Sedin, Sedin and Carter (5G-15A-20P) outscored Naslund, Morrison and Bertuzzi (6G-10A-16P).

Defensively, the Sedin line has been better as well. In January, they were a combined +14. Plus, they have been good enough that Marc Crawford regularly put them out on the penalty-kill. The Canucks allowed 20 powerplay goals in January; the Sedins were on the ice for only seven of them. By the way, the Westcoast Express were a combined -10 in January.

For all their efforts, Sedin, Sedin and Carter are making a combined $3.5 million this season (that's only $300,000 more than what Brendan Morrison is making on his own) - so far, the Canucks are paying the line approximately $27,131 for each of their 129 total season points. Consider that the Canucks are paying Naslund, Morrison and Bertuzzi approximately $101,182 for each of their 143 points, and it's easy to see who's giving them more bang for their buck.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:21 PM


At February 02, 2006 11:17 AM, Blogger Terry said...

Name that line:

A) The Triplets - a hold over from pervious player pairings with the Twins - I think Linden was one of the first called Triplet

B) The Brutha Line - used in Blogs and chats mostly back east. Sometimes the Brotha Line but a check of the Urban Dictionary suggests that Brutha is more appropriate than Brotha.


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