Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carnival of the NHL #18

The 18th edition of the Carnival of the NHL - the Terry Sawchuk edition - is up and running at Abel To Yzerman. This Carnival takes us through various posts, rants, musings and analysis on the NHL in the last couple of weeks, with an emphasis on goalies:

Welcome one and all to the 18th Carnival of Hockey, the Sawchuk Edition. As a rookie blogger with a mere month under my belt, thanks to Eric for letting me host and to all the hockey bloggers who have sent me plenty to choose from.

Now, why the “Sawchuk” edition?

Well, you have to understand something about us Wings fans. Like Sailors, we’re not happy unless we’re bitching about our goalies. And you have to hand it to us, we’ve had some “issues.” From center-ice escapades to two hall of fame goalies ignoring one another’s presence in the same lockerroom. Take last night for example. Wings take a 4-0 lead until Chris Osgood lets in 3 on 10 shots in the second period and is pulled for Legace going into the third. So, Legace, who is playing well lately, lets in a 5-holer of his own before holding off the Wild for a 5-4 win. And that, my friends, is the sordid recent history of Detroit goaltending in a nutshell.

So, it’s only natural that we dedicate our version of the Carnival to one of the few Wings goalies who has left a long-lasting positive impression.
Sadly, Bill, we have much in common. Lest you forget that your own Nicklas Lidstrom scored on our own Dan Cloutier from center ice in '02. I don't blame you for forgetting, however. At least you guys won the Cup.

The rest of the Carnival is here. A big thanks to Bill for hosting it.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:50 AM


At February 01, 2006 11:04 AM, Anonymous IwoCPO said...

The similarities are definitely not lost on me, buddy. Hopefully each of our teams can overcome mediocrity in net this Spring.

At February 02, 2006 12:49 AM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

I echo that, Bill. I really do. I'm getting sick of seeing those beach ball behind Cloutier pics.

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