Friday, January 27, 2006

Bob The Builder

Ed Willes has a nice piece today regarding Bob Nicholson and the speculation that he is being considered for Orca Bay's vacant CEO position:
One of the more revealing 15 minutes your agent spent with Nicholson concerned a conversation about Joseph Campbell, the American scholar who wrote about the importance of myths and the story-telling tradition. Nicholson sees hockey in that light: as a repository of epic stories that are handed down from generation to generation. He recognizes the game is a powerful and enduring force in Canada. He also recognizes Hockey Canada's responsibility in preserving its stories and creating new ones.

He has, in short, built many bridges and that, coupled with his managerial acumen, should make him something of a no-brainer for the Canucks. He's also a B.C. guy and, right now, the Canucks need someone who can reach out to the community, who can build bridges between the franchise and this market.
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