Saturday, January 28, 2006

$75K Waiver Rule Re-Visited

For Wade Flaherty fans, there may be some good news in the horizon. An article appeared this week in the Winnipeg Free Press addressing the $75,000 waiver rule:

Details are sparse, but it seems like Professional Hockey Players Association executive director Larry Landon is being heard by the NHL. Landon met with NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA executive director Ted Saskin in New York on Tuesday to outline the PHPA's objections to new recall-waiver and related salary rules instituted with this season's NHL salary cap.


Though it's not known exactly where that number could end up, common sense says that doubling it would likely solve any problem that currently exists with player movement up to the NHL and still give the NHL some teeth regarding the rule's original intent -- to prevent teams from stockpiling good depth players and overpaying them in the minors in order to hide their salaries from the NHL cap. The NHL's minimum salary is $450,000 US.

The NHLPA would have to sign off on any deal reached.

The PHPA is also seeking a resolution to salary reductions some NHL teams have made to minor-league players' NHL guarantees. Some players, like Flaherty, have taken a 24 per cent salary reduction on their entire minor-league salary, not just on the portion of their contract that is an NHL guarantee, costing them thousands of dollars.
Except for NHL players waived and assigned by their NHL teams to the minors (see Alexander Mogilny), I don't imagine many are making over $150,000 per season. The $150,000 may still act as a salary cap on the AHL, but at least the higher threshold allows for most minor-league players to be called up by their NHL clubs.

More to follow.

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