Saturday, January 28, 2006

Telling It Like It Is

There have been nights when we watch the Vancouver Canucks, watch their top line, and wonder whether or not they care. Well, at least Brendan Morrison does. In an interview that appeared in today's Vancouver Sun, Morrison didn't mince any words:

"If you were to rate our performance up to date it's been very, very average," Morrison said. "It's been frustrating. I don't think there have been many games where we have really gone out and won a game for our team like we have in the past.

"Especially in a lot of these close games where we expect ourselves to go out and get it done, we just haven't for whatever reason."


"In a game where our team needed a win and had a chance to win, we didn't do it," he said. "That's when it becomes frustrating. You can get by when you are winning games and other guys are contributing and if you're not scoring you can kind of go under the radar a bit. But in close games and you're not making a difference, that is where it is evident."


"The biggest thing is I think we are going to have to get a couple of ugly goals," Morrison said. "Every goal we score can't be a pretty goal. We have to get some goals where we are battling in front and getting after rebounds. But we aren't even putting ourselves in that situation. We're not even getting pucks to the net. We're such a perimeter line right now and we're easy to play against."
Let's see how they respond tonight. The full article is here.

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