Thursday, March 02, 2006

Show McCabe The Money

The Toronto Star reports:

The Maple Leafs have one week and three games to decide whether they will be a buyer or a seller at the March 9 trade deadline, and in that time they must decide what they are going to do with star defenceman Bryan McCabe.

Sources say the Leafs started negotiating with McCabe and Tomas Kaberle earlier this season. The talks with Kaberle resulted in a four-year deal for the Czech defenceman just before the Olympic break. But the Leafs have yet to sign McCabe and there are growing indications McCabe and his agent, Jeff Solomon, are intent on testing the free agent market July 1.


The Leafs managed to get Kaberle under contract for four years at about $4.25 million. It's believed they have budgeted about $9 million per season to spend on Kaberle and McCabe, which would leave a yearly stipend of about $4.75 million for McCabe. But McCabe, who is enjoying his finest offensive season and could break the franchise record for goals (22) and points (79) by a defenceman this season, reportedly wants a Sergei Gonchar-type contract of about $5 million a year over five years.
I don't blame Bryan for holding out for more moolah. I don't understand how Tomas Kaberle is worth $4.25 million; however, that figure has set a standard for defensemen contracts. And while I don't believe Bryan McCabe is worth $5 million per season, I don't disagree that he is worth at least $750K more than Kaberle.

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