Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Todd Targetted

A scary incident at GM Place yesterday:

A letter arrived at GM Place on Monday containing a suspicious white powder and investigators say the target was Todd Bertuzzi.

The evidence was turned over to the Vancouver Police Department.

''The letter was opened, powder spilled out,'' said Harvey Jones, vice president and general manager of arena operations for Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment. ''There were other people working in the area. They obviously called security.''

Several workers were immediately quarantined and the Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) team was sent in.

''They've done a battery of tests on this white powder and they're going to be taking this white powder off-site to continue some tests on it,'' said Vancouver Police constable Howard Chow.

Jones is relieved that the powder proved not to be a dangerous substance.

''Fortunately they were able to confirm it was a benign substance, the whole thing was a hoax.''
Hoax or not, I hope they find the bastard who sent it.
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