Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little Wiggle Room

With Josh Green re-signed, here's an updated look at the Canucks salary cap picture:

Barring a trade or free agent signing, this will probably be my last cap update for a while.

Some assumptions and scenarios as the regular season approaches:
  • I have included the top 13 forwards and 7 defensemen - an extra forward and extra defenseman - in this picture. In this scenario, the Canucks will begin the season with just over $600,000 in cap room.
  • If the Canucks only carry 21 players - they did this most of last season - they will have just over $1 million in cap room.
  • If for whatever reason Luc Bourdon doesn't make the team and is sent back to junior, the Canucks will either have $1 million (22 players) or $1.3 million (21 players) in cap room.
My best guess is the Canucks will go with the second scenario - with Bourdon in the lineup - and start the season with just under $43 million in salary cap commitments. Not Dave Nonis' ideal scenario - he was publicly hoping for a $2 million cap cushion - but also not as close to the cap as they started last season.

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