Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Return of Jovocop

In a normal situation, tonight's game against the Phoenix Coyotes would be dubbed as sort of a "Basement Bowl", a battle between two teams currently not in a playoff spot and between two of the lowest scoring teams in the league (no. 28 and no. 30 to be exact).

But tonight, Jovocop is coming back to town. For the first time since signing his five-year/$32.5 million free agent contract with the Phoenix Coyotes, Ed Jovanovski, who spent seven years in the Free Willy jersey, is returning to Vancouver. After Dave Nonis turned over 13 players from last year's roster, he is the biggest name to visit so far - yes, I know Anson Carter has been in town already - and that's big news.

From Ben Kuzma (Vancouver Province):
At one point during his seven years as an energetic and emotional Canucks defenceman, Ed Jovanovski took issue with a radio rant ripping his teammates.

In true Jovocop fashion, he called the station, called the call-in complainer "a clown" and sounded like he wanted to drop the gloves with anyone questioning the team's resolve.

And that was just off the ice.

On the ice, you can tell from hearing his ex-teammates just how much they miss him (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun).

First Mattias Ohlund:
"We miss him, without a doubt," Canuck blueliner Mattias Ohlund said after a rigourous practice at the Garage. "He's obviously been one of the best offensive defencemen in the league the last few years.

"He brought something that very few guys have, the ability to turn a game around with a big play. He was also one of the leaders here. He had a good personality and he was a good fit in the room. I guess it's part of the business to see guys like that go."
Then Brendan Morrison:
"Jovo is a big-time energy guy who added a lot of excitement and enthusiasm," explained Canuck centre Brendan Morrison. "He was a big part of this club for many years and it's going to be a little different playing against him.

"He can deliver tape-to-tape passes and can skate pucks out of the zone, which is a huge asset in today's game. It's a lot easier in your end when you know you have a guy who can pick up the puck and go."
And captain Markus Naslund:
"I'm sure he'll be excited about coming back and showing that he's a great player," said Naslund, who's been fighting an annoying cold the last few weeks. "I think Eddie wanted to come back, but I just think it was a matter of the cap and they couldn't pay him what he got in Phoenix.

"After playing with him, it will be a little different playing against him."
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At December 12, 2006 10:38 AM, Blogger Fauxrumors said...

Will be great to get 'All star' Fitzpatrick back in the line up!


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