Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 19

With a sort of up-and-down week behind us - a win against one the best teams in the West and extra-time losses to two of the worst - the gang hunkered down and recorded the 19th episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast:

We’re without Alanah on this episode, but the Internet gods were not on our side. Blame them. On the other hand, the rest of the crew were on hand after a long dry spell without Dave. Three games to talk about this time around; a loss to the Kings, an amazing win over the Sharks, and the Blue Jackets stole a shootout from us last night.

Record as of this episode: 28-19-4
Northwest Division: 2nd
Western Conference: 7th

Also, we address some trade rumors, talk about how Crow is doing in L.A., do a bit of an injury analysis on Kesler and Mitchell, get to some listener feedback/requests, and look at the road ahead towards the playoffs. And believe it or not, Fin is blogging.

It’s hard to imagine that we could be thinking about the playoffs with such hope compared to where we were at the beginning of the season, but we are.
I also can't believe that this we've recorded 19 episodes of this podcast. A big thank you to everyone who has listened, downloaded and subscribed so far.

Click here to listen to or download the feed for this, our Markus Naslund episode.

Comments/Questions: Feel free to post in the comments section or email me at gocanucksgo10 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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