Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lucky Lou-nie

Yes, Canucks fans are certainly a superstitious bunch. Who can blame them when it works?

From Greg Douglas (Vancouver Sun):

It will be awhile before Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco has dinner again at Umberto Menghi's signature eatery, Il Giardino on Hornby Street. Not that Turco has anything against the food or service at the charming Tuscan-style villa. He loves the place. But as Turco's superstitions go, forget it.

Turco picked up the tab for eight of his teammates last Sunday on the eve of Game 7 in the Canucks-Dallas playoff series. Funny thing is, Il Giardino isn't open Sundays. But Turco insisted. He had wined and dined the same eight teammates earlier in the week and when the Stars won Game 5 the next night at GM Place, Turco wasn't taking no for an answer prior to Game 7. The Dallas players would sit in the same seats, order the same meal and drink the same wine.

After several desperate calls from Turco, the chef and two senior staff members agreed to open the restaurant for his private sitting. All in, it would cost Turco close to $10,000 to have the lights turned on, the grills fired up and the tab delivered for the nine hearty diners.

Dallas, of course, lost 4-1 the next night and Turco to this day is unaware that there was a Canucks souvenir collectible coin -- Roberto Luongo edition -- securely taped to the bottom of his chair. Turco should have known. As the team's rallying cry goes: "We are all Canucks".
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