Thursday, May 03, 2007

Round 2 Game 5: One Game, One Period, One Shift At A Time

Alanah and I recorded a brief episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast last night. While we didn't disagree that coming back from a 3-1 series deficit is a huge hill for the Canucks to climb, we also both know that it's not impossible to do. Something she mentioned, however, is something I hope the Canucks keep in mind when they take to the ice tonight for game five - the Canucks need to take it one game, one period, and even one shift at a time. Winning three games in a row against the Ducks is a tall task. Winning one game isn't.

I wouldn't change anything in what the team is doing right now. Well, a Sedin goal and a more effective powerplay would help. Other than that, the Canucks have proven that they can win games playing the way they play. The boys just need to go out there and play like they've played in the last three games. I don't like the 3-1 deficit either, but given what they've shown us all season long, if any team is going to come back from it, it would be this team. One game, one period, one shift at a time.

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