Thursday, August 09, 2007

Centre Ice Comes To Shaw

Saw this on Alanah's site last night and I have to say... it's about freakin' time.
Shaw Communications Inc. announced that it will offer the NHL Centre Ice package to its Shaw Digital Cable and Star Choice Direct-to-Home satellite customers beginning with the 2007/08 hockey season. The NHL Centre Ice package consists of at least 1,000 regular season and selected play-off games from the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Centre Ice customers will have access to over 40 games per week drawn from a variety of regional and national networks in Canada and the U.S. In addition, over 200 games in the Centre Ice package will be available in high definition television (HDTV).
I can't find anything on the official Shaw site, but reading on HFBoards, the pricing is as follows:
I just talked to Shaw, and they gave the following prices for NHL Centre ICE:

$200--Early bird price until September 30, 2007.
$220--After September 30, 2007.
$170--Half season price after January 10, 2007 up to the second playoff round.
$50--All games after the second playoff round.

I don't understand the $50 one, because after the second round of the playoffs, most games are carried on CBC.
My understanding is that Canucks telecasts won't be included because of local blackout restrictions, but on Canucks' off nights, there's the other 40+ games per week. In HD. I may have to fight Tracy for the remote this season.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:36 AM


At August 10, 2007 1:03 PM, Anonymous alanah said...

The most amazing news, isn't it? I'm pretty excited.

(The blog redesign is looking great, btw!)

At August 10, 2007 3:21 PM, Anonymous treved said...

Wait, CI is in HD this year? Is that for the US too? Because that def wasn't the case last year.


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