Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preseason: Canucks 1 Sharks 3

Tough game for the Canucks last night as they lost 3-1 to the San Jose Sharks. The score was a bit flattering; if it wasn't for Bobby Lou, the score might have been more lopsided (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province).
With 10 Canucks sidelined by injury -- the list grew by two Friday with Ryan Kesler becoming the sixth to sustain a sore groin while Kevin Bieksa has abdominal soreness -- and Mattias Ohlund the lone veteran blueliner, it was left to Luongo to steal the show.

Luongo even gloved a Tomas Pihal penalty-shot attempt in the middle frame when the Sharks centre was hauled down on a partial breakaway by Jim Sharrow.

The Canucks took four-straight penalties to start the game and the Sharks went 3-for-9 on the power play while the Canucks were 0-for-6.
Nope, it wasn't pretty.

On the injury front, the news isn't much better (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun).
The Vancouver Canucks added another body to their lengthy injury list today when centre Ryan Kesler, the first star in Thursday's 5-4 win over Edmonton, came up with a sore groin and was scratched for the weekend's pre-season road trip to California.

Kesler joins Trevor Linden, Willie Mitchell, Byron Ritchie, Rick Rypien and Brendan Morrison on the sidelines, all with groin soreness, although Morrison is close to returning.

Morrison plans to practise with the team Saturday morning and if all goes well, he will suit up for the Anaheim game on Sunday. The Canucks meet San Jose on Saturday.

Also out of the lineup and not on the trip are Sami Salo (broken wrist), Aaron Miller (abdominal surgery), Kevin Bieksa (stomach inflammation) and young forward Jannik Hansen (broken thumb).
That's a total of 10 guys down. Nine of them regulars. And the season hasn't even started yet.


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