Sunday, November 18, 2007

Game Day Post: Green Riders at Lions, Flames at Canucks

It's a busy sports day in Vancouver today with the BC Lions hosting the CFL West Final against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at 1:30 PM and then the Canucks hosting the Calgary Flames across the street at 5:00 PM. Apparently, the local folks are expecting 80,000 people to come down for the festivities (John Coleburn and Joe Ruttle, Vancouver Province).

I didn't get to follow the Lions' season as closely as I would've liked and I only made it to BC Place for only one game this year so other than a simple "GO LIONS" and "ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR", I can't really say much. Yes, these Lions have been good (Lyndon Little, Vancouver Sun) and a win today will earn them another Grey Cup appearance - it would be their third appearance in four years - and a chance to repeat as CFL champs.

The Canucks will be looking for their fifth win in six games when they face a Calgary team that played the late CBC game last night. Very rarely does the schedule work well in the Canucks' favor and this is one such instance.

It's funny how this game works. A couple of weeks ago, it was all doom and gloom in Canuckland, but now, after taking nine out of the last possible ten points, the Canucks have their swagger back. I love watching this team play like this. I love watching them skate and get dirty in the corners. I love seeing them pay more attention to the defensive side of the rink. I hope that slow start is now behind them.

I haven't seen anything cross the wire yet, but I'm guessing Mattias Ohlund is a maybe for tonight's game. No one, not even Mattias himself, liked the chop on Koivu and I think most are in agreement that he should miss a game or two. Even though Koivu was a slimy little snot for throwing a flying elbow at Mattias' head - and you know, the league is supposed to be cracking down on blows to the head - Mattias should have just been the bigger man.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 8:20 AM


At November 18, 2007 10:15 AM, Anonymous Kyle said...

This is some of the most one-sided whining I've heard in a while. Neither team was innocent, but the Wild all seem to think that their s**t don't stink in this instance.

I think I heard that the Australian national team wants Boogard as their 14th forward, Risebrough should release him.


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