Thursday, December 06, 2007

Canucks 3 Blackhawks 2

Thumbs up: Markus Naslund for surpassing Trevor Linden as the Canucks' franchise scoring leader. He surpassed Trev with an assist on Mattias Ohlund's goal in the first period. Next up is the career assist mark.

Thumbs up: Mattias Ohlund for tying Jyrki Lumme for most goals by a Canucks defenseman. Now in his 9th season as a Canuck, he's got 83 goals of which almost 25% (18) are game-winners.

Thumbs down: Shaw PPV for bungling up their game coverage. I've only ordered the game three times at home this season. One time, they went to the Canucks game late because the early game (which was on the same channel) ran late. Then last night, they lost the feed for part of the first and second periods. Canucks TV PPV's slogan is something about "games you won't see anywhere else". Apparently not even with Shaw.

Thumbs up/down: The win was nice and it moved the Canucks back to first place in the Northwest Division, but I don't think the guys played that well at all. They were kinda sloppy and their passes weren't all that crisp. I thought too that the Blackhawks outskated them and won most of the puck battles, and this showed with the difference in powerplay opportunities between then the two teams.

Thumbs down: During the November to remember, the Canucks were rarely outworked and outskated, and of course, they were nicely rewarded for their efforts. They drew penalties as a result, and for the entire month, had seven more powerplay opportunities (73-66) than the opposition. In contrast, during their October from hell, they had one less power powerplay opportunity (64-63). I know it's only a couple of games into December, but so far the opposing teams have had eight more powerplays (13-5) than the Canucks.

Thumbs down: While I'm bitching about the powerplay discrepancy, I might as well bitch about the refs missing two high sticks on the same shift: one on Ryan Kesler and the other on Jeff Cowan.

Thumbs up: If it's any consolation, at least the Canucks have been doing a decent job on the penalty-kill and have only allowed two powerplay goals against in the last five games (24 times shorthanded).

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:00 AM


At December 06, 2007 10:04 AM, Anonymous treved said...

Big thumbs up to NHL Center Ice for picking up the PPV feed (which lasted the whole game without interruption - sorry those of you in BC!) for those of us in the States. Normally if a game is on PPV and the other team doesn't broadcast, you're out of luck.

But a huge thumbs down to the Coach for benching Brown in his hometown debut. What, Cooke couldn't use a scratch? Cowan? They both happened to play well, but you could have put them in the press box and nobody would have complained.

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