Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stars 4 Canucks 3

There were some good parts in the Vancouver Canucks' 4-3 loss to the Dallas Stars last night. Like maybe the first few minutes and the last few seconds. What they did in between, well, I can't say I'd file it under the good category.

Don't let the score fool you. The game wasn't close. The Stars held the territorial advantage and had the better scoring chances. They also had more 2-on-1's than Jenna Jameson. Sure the Canucks had more shots on goal, but as has been the case lately, there wasn't much finish.

It was actually quite frustrating to watch the game last night. On home ice, the Canucks should be more dominating than that. I hate to always play the injury card, but it's tough watching guys who would normally be in the press box or with the Moose get outplayed on a regular basis. Yes, I'm talking about Mike Weaver, who got outmuscled a lot, and Nathan MacIver, who got turned around a few times. And this isn't necessarily a criticism of those guys because they've filled in admirably at times. However, it's a bit much, especially with all the injuries, to expect them to replace the Mitchell and Bieksa long-term.

Curtis Sanford was just as brutal and he knows it (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province).

The Canucks lost a winnable game Tuesday and the reason was all over Curtis Sanford's face, in his disheartened body language and in his own words.

"The last two goals are saves I have to make and I should make," the backup said after getting pulled for the second time in his past four starts.

"I put the team in a bad position and I put Alain [Vigneault] in a bad position. It's embarrassing to get pulled in front of your own fans. [Vigneault] had to do that. If I was in his position I would have done the same thing. I waved at Modano's goal, basically. I didn't fight through the screen on the last goal."
It's too bad really. A couple of key saves here and there could've made a difference. Ask the Stars. They got more than a couple of key saves from Marty Turco, who seems now to relish playing against the Canucks.

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Tomorrow night against the Tampa Bay Lightning

(Note: I have a couple of family things to attend to tonight and tomorrow so I won't be posting a game-day post. I'll be back on Friday.)

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