Sunday, November 06, 2005

Canucks 0 Flames 1

The Vancouver Canucks were shut out for the second time this season, losing 1-0 to the Calgary Flames. The game recap is here; the score sheet and stat sheet are here and here.

My notes from the game:

  • Despite the low score, this is exactly the kind of game the NHL would want to market. The officials called the usual obstruction-related infractions, but allowed both teams to play physical. There was plenty of flow and plenty of scoring chances. It was a playoff-like game in a playoff-like atmosphere.
  • Much like in the Minnesota game, the Flames played a trapping style, and much like in the Minnesota game, the Canucks had trouble generating any offense on the rush. In fact, Kesler, Ruutu, Park, Linden and Goren were as prominent as Naslund, Morrison and Bertuzzi.
  • Four fights in the first two periods. I can't wait for the rematch on Monday.
  • If I've counted correctly, Lee Goren now has more fights than Wade Brookbank this season.
  • Anyone else notice that the big line wasn't on the ice during the final minute of the game? With Auld pulled, Crawford instead had the Sedin line out there.
  • The Kipper is back. Unfortunately for Canucks fans. And the Canucks have to play the Flames seven more times this season.
  • Jarkko Ruutu was at his most visible best last night.
  • I was surprised Goren didn't receive a boarding major and/or a game misconduct for his hit-from-behind on Weimer - not a dirty hit, but wasn't a minor penalty either.
Next up: Calgary (again) on Monday.
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