Saturday, December 10, 2005

Carnival of the NHL #15

Will Leitch at Deadspin is hosting the 15th and latest edition of the Carnival of the NHL, taking us through the latest posts, musings, rants and analysis in the hockey world.

First, an intro:
As mentioned earlier this week, we were cordially invited to host the weekly/bi-weekly Carnival of the NHL, which we were honored to do, mainly because we need to brush up on our hockey, a sport we struggle with sometimes because the Carnidals don't play it.

So here's the edition for this week - with a Carnival Cruise Line-esque photo of Kathie Lee Gifford along for the ride, just for poops and giggles - which hopefully will focus on the best hockey posts of the week while not betraying our relative ignorance on the topic.
As always, the Carnival is an entertaining read - the link is here - and a big thanks to Will for putting it together.
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