Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hurricanes 5 Oilers 4

Cheering for a team that isn't exactly synonymous with goaltending brilliance (no, I won't link to a video of the Lidstrom goal from centre ice) and who has a good number of fans who would trade their starting goaltender for a bag of pucks and some chips after a 2-0 loss, I can somewhat understand Edmonton Oilers fans' frustrations after Dwayne Roloson went down with a knee injury, possibly gone for the series and possibly taking his team's Stanley Cup dreams with him.

Here's Covered In Oil:
Oh, but it was real. You could see it in the eyes of every Oiler on the bench for the next six minutes: Dwayne Roloson, our saviour, the man with the magic mask of gold and the special eye exercises, was gone. And in his wake, the shittiest goaltender to nervously guard the Oilers twine since Pokey Reddick, or possibly Mikhail Shtalenkov. You're not real. This can't be happening. You're already dead. Weren't you? Why are you dressed? Didn't we waive you? Is this a joke? WHO IS LAUGHING, TY CONKLIN?

The Battle of Alberta has some similar sentiments:
Well, that was a kick in the nuts. The Oilers dominated the first two periods, and came out of it with a loss, an injured Roloson, and a backup goaltender who is likely to be burned alive if he comes back to Edmonton. Didn't we waive Conklin? Gawd.
Tough crowd.

On the 'Canes side of things, red and black hockey has a recap of the game and points out:
The last :30 were furious, and Edmonton actually had some quality chances, but Cam Ward stood tall every time, holding out for the win.
In light of Roloson's injury, Ward's play was largely untalked about after the game. (At least in my neck of the woods, it wasn't much.) I thought he acquitted himself nicely after the first period and gave the 'Canes a chance to come back. In the third period alone, he made some great saves, including a "save of the year"-type save where he went quickly across the crease with his glove and robbed the Oilers of a goal.

I'll leave the final word to the Acid Queen, who is a little more even-keel this morning (is that the first time I've said that about AQ all season?):
Nevermind that the 'Canes had already hung a four-spot on Roloson before Marc-Andre Bergeron decided to do his impression of a freight train and send the Hurricanes' Andrew Ladd (who was well outside the crease) flying into the guy. Clearly, if the Oilers were healthy they'd sweep the Hurricanes because they're Charged By God with bringing the Cup back from the Dirty South. Or something.


My knee aches in sympathetic pain for Roli, it really does--but come on. Maybe the Oilers can rally despite having Conkkanen (as one commenter tabbed the remaining Oilers' goalies) in net. Maybe the 'Canes can play three shitty periods a game instead of just two (don't laugh, they've done it many a time before). Who knows?

Don't count your team out yet, Oilers fans--I really think that they'll make a series of this come Hel or high water. I know I'm certainly not.
Game 2 is on Wednesday. Same time, same bad Bob Cole commentary.

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