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Where Were You When...

Kukla's Corner points to a story on how Teemu Selanne found out that Chris Pronger had been acquired by the Anaheim Ducks. It goes something like this:

Teemu Selanne was back at his home in Finland on July 3 when he answered the late-night phone call. When someone calls that late, it's rarely good news.

This time it was Alex Gilchrist, the Ducks director of media and communications, calling to make sure Selanne was aware the team had just acquired superstar defenseman Chris Pronger from the Edmonton Oilers.

Suffice to say, Selanne was immediately skeptical. After all, Pronger was a longtime nemesis who had helped shut down Teemu only a month earlier in the Western Conference finals.

This is how Selanne remembers the conversation:

Gilchrist: "Have you heard the news?"
Selanne: "Heard what?"
Gilchrist: "You didn't hear? We got Pronger."
Selanne: "Get real, Alex. Why are you calling me at this time of night?"
Gilchrist: "No, we got Pronger."
Selanne, still skeptical: "Sean or Chris?" (Sean is Chris Pronger's now-retired brother, who scored 35 points in 108 games for the Ducks in 1996 and 1997.)
Gilchrist: "No, we just traded for Chris Pronger."
Selanne: "Are you kidding me? Is this a joke or something?"
Gilchrist: "No, I swear to God."
Selanne: "OH ... MY ... GOD!"

When the news finally sank in, Selanne was floored - and ecstatic.
I point this out because it reminds me of a conversation I had back in June with a good friend of mine from my working days at Orca Bay - let's call him Dax - which went something like this:

Dax: "Hey, we just got Luongo"
me: "What?"
Dax: "Seriously, we just got Luongo."
me: "Nooooo!"
Dax: "Seriously man. It just happened."
me, still skeptical: "How much did we have to give up?"
Dax: "Bertuzzi, Allen and Auld for Luongo, a defenseman and I think a draft pick."
me: "Nooooo!"
Dax: "No, I swear to God. Check out Sportsnet."
me: "OH ... MY ... GOD! Keenan's on crack!" (runs to the PC and posts on this blog)
Speaking of Luongo, him and the rest of the Canucks are still scrimmaging in Vernon and TEAM 1040 is doing a massive 3-hour show there.

Tony Gallagher also has an interesting piece in today's Vancouver Province on an apparent rivalry between Luongo and Colorado Avalanche goalie, Jose Theodore:

While both players now downplay the situation which reached its peak amid rumors they'd be traded for each othe last season, the rivalry really got rolling during the lockout season prior to the 2005 World Championships when all the best players were available to compete.

Martin Brodeur was the obvious No. 1 choice by Team Canada because of his success in previous world championship gold medal endeavours and his Vezina candidacy the last season that was played. Luongo was No. 2. Theodore's phone rang asking him if he wouldn't mind being the No. 3 but when he found out he was behind Luongo, he essentially told Team Canada brass to stick it where there is a distinct shortage of sunlight.
Maybe he was just jealous that Luongo has more hair than he does?

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Olli Jokinen (via the Miami Herald Palm Beach Post) doesn't mince words when talking about Luongo's trade to the Canucks:

At 41, Ed Belfour is past his prime; at 25, Alex Auld hasn't reached his yet. Whether either can successfully replace goaltender Robert Luongo is the No.'1 question at Panthers' training camp.

"You have to trust your goalie," captain Olli Jokinen said. Then, with a wry smile, he added, "I wouldn't mind having Louie, anyway."
Ouch. Wonder what Eddie and Auldy have to say about that?

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At September 17, 2006 6:00 PM, Blogger Justin said...

What kind of name is Dax anyways? ;)

At September 17, 2006 10:20 PM, Blogger Dax said...

Funny... I was just wondering what kind of name Ho was. Is that the last name they give chinese kids of unwed mothers? :)

At September 17, 2006 11:35 PM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

Ah geez...

Seriously, how must Belfour and Auld feel after their captain publicly longs - even kinda jokingly - for the team's old goalie?

At September 18, 2006 11:55 AM, Anonymous Randy in Victoria said...

Link to images of Luongo's new mask. The photo's on the site don't quite do it justice.

Could the Orca tail on the front subliminally direct shooters to go 'five hole'?

Luongo's New Mask

At September 19, 2006 10:01 AM, Anonymous Isabella said...

Belfour is probably locked in his room, crying, but I think Auldy knows that he needs to prove himself and that he has possibly the world's biggest pads to fill (as it were).

Hey, he was a Canucks goaltender. He's used to insults and criticisms ;)

The conversation you and Dax had about the Lunogo trade kind of reminds me of my own conversation. And then the conversation I had with my friend when I called HIM to pass on the news, and so forth. It's like a rite of Luongo passage.

At September 19, 2006 3:59 PM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

Isabella - no doubt! I like that -a rite of Luongo passage.

It'll be weird watching that first game at GM Place and seeing one of THE BEST GOALTENDERS IN THE WORLD in a Canucks uni.


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