Monday, November 06, 2006

Stars 1 Canucks 2

The Canucks opened their six-game homestand with a 2-1 win over the Dallas Stars to snap a three-game losing streak.

In a way, you kinda knew that the hockey gods were on the Canucks side when Kevin Bieksa scored from center ice. It was good to finally see a Canuck score a goal from there rather than be scored on.

And the powerplay? It was on a 1-for-20 skid before Taylor Pyatt potted one in with 45 seconds left. It was Pyatt's seventh goal of the season - one more than his total in 41 games last season - and his third on the powerplay.

My 3 Stars of the Game

  1. Roberto Luongo (VAN): Only faced 20 shots, but came up with the big saves when it counted.
  2. Eric Lindros (DAL): The Big E caused the Canucks big headaches all night and was hard to knock off the puck. Had four shots on goal and scored his fourth goal of the season.
  3. Kevin Bieksa (VAN): Continues to step up his game with Willie Mitchell and Sami Salo still out of the lineup. Logged 21:32 minutes of ice-time in all situations.
Other Things on my Notepad

  • The Canucks outshot their opponents now for five games in a row. In that span, the boys in Orca Bay blue are averaging 32.4 shots per game while only allowing 21.8 shots on Roberto Luongo.
  • I don't know about what y'all thought, but I thought the officiating was wildly inconsistent on both sides. For most of the game, I couldn't tell what penalties were - or weren't - going to be called. A couple of times, the referee from center ice called penalties when the referee close to the play (and by close, I mean in front of) decided not to.
  • Alexander Edler looks poised for a player who has only played in North America since last season. Tonight was his second career NHL game and Vigneault gave him 16:46 minutes of ice-time. He was on the ice killing more than half of the Dallas powerplays. (He logged 4:58 minutes on the penalty kill; the Stars were on the powerplay for 9:35 minutes.)
  • With Edler able to step in so far, it'll be interesting to see if tonight was Luc Bourdon's last game in a Canucks uniform this season.
Official Statistics

Next up: The Canucks take on the Anaheim Ducks and their unbeaten-in-regulation-time record to GM Place on Thursday night.

[Update: 11/07/06, 6:04 AM]

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 9:47 PM


At November 07, 2006 8:18 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Great recap, like always. It was a fun one to watch, I thought...although like one of the announcers said early in the third, it was a bit nervewracking considering the team's recent pattern of staying in tight games until the third and then getting scored on late for the loss.

Agreed on the inconsistent officiating. On one hand, I thought it made for a more entertaining game with a higher level of intensity. On the other, I kept thinking the 'nucks were going to take a dumb one all through the third period -- couldn't believe when the bad call came against the Stars.

At November 08, 2006 6:32 AM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

I was surprised as well, but with their run of bad puck luck recently, I figure it was about time something went the Canucks' way. hehe.


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