Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Round 1 Game 4: Stay The Hell Away From Roberto

The Canucks have a great opportunity to suck the life out of the Dallas Stars tonight. Win and they take a 3-1 stranglehold on this first round series and then head back home to GM Place for game 5 on Thursday night. Lose and it's down to a three-game set.

Truth be told, the Canucks have outplayed Dallas for only about 37 of the last 127 minutes of play. We saw on Sunday night how much different the tempo of the game is when the Canucks are able to control it. They need to build on that momentum.

Now, what is turning out to be one of the bigger stories of this series is the constant running of Roberto Luongo. He's not happy (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun):

Roberto Luongo doesn't intend to become some stick-wielding, white-clad avenger in Game 4 here tonight but, come to think of it, it might not be a bad idea.

One thing is clear: the Vancouver Canucks' marquee man in this Western Conference quarter-final playoff series against the Dallas Stars is getting a little riled at being run.

Luongo accused the Stars of being cheap-shot artists, pointing a finger at lightweight Ladislav Nagy for barrelling into his left arm in the third period of Sunday's 2-1 Vancouver overtime victory.

"He kneed me in the elbow," Luongo said Monday, the temperature in the series finally starting to rise. "I thought it was a bit of a cheap shot because it was after the whistle. All of the times they've bumped me have been after the whistle, so that's what's a little disheartening.

"If it was happening during the play, with traffic and stuff, fine. That's part of the game. But after the whistle is a bit disappointing. I wasn't on the ice faking. It's not my style. I was pretty sore."
(Mike Ribeiro on the other hand........)

In the regular season, Nagy would have been pummelled by Kevin Bieksa, Willie Mitchell and Jeff Cowan; however, with the games so close, the Canucks can ill-afford to send a message like so. Let's hope the league just listens to Louie now.

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