Friday, December 14, 2007

Canucks 2 Sharks 5

In hindsight, there were far more exciting things to do than to watch last night's snoozefest to the Sharks: watching paint dry comes to mind, and also, going to a Celine Dion concert.

The Canucks looked tired and I don't blame them. They were playing their seventh game in seven cities in 11 nights. They went from east to west and are now heading north to finish the road trip from hell up in Edmonton (how fitting, eh?).

Give credit to the Sharks. They took full advantage of a tired team and turned turnovers to goals. Down 3-0, the Canucks actually made it interesting when they scored a couple of goals early in the third period, but turnovers by Aaron Miller and Lukas Krajicek turned into Joe Thornton and Steve Bernier goals to put the game out of reach.

Don't look now, but after a good run of games, the Canucks have only won one of their four games. In a tight playoff race - right now, six points separate 2nd and 12th in the Western Conference - they can ill-afford to go into any extended slump.

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