Sunday, December 09, 2007

Penguins 2 Canucks 1 (SO)

First of all, I did take pictures at last night's game. Unfortunately, the pictures suck and I came to the realization that I need to bring a better camera to Canucks games. If my Secret Santa's reading this, hint, hint...

The game, on the other hand, didn't suck. The loss did, but the game itself was everything everyone wanted it to be. For the amount of hype there was, it didn't disappoint. There were lots of action, lots of hits and great goaltending. Yes, Sidney Crosby was the main attraction, but there were plenty of others who provided the entertainment. There was even a rare sighting of Matty Cooke dropping the gloves. (He didn't do that great, but hey, he at least decided to drop them for once.)

Roberto Luongo was Roberto Luongo. The Penguins were the better team early on but Louie held his ground. Because of him, the Canucks were only down by a goal going into the third period. Thanks to him, the game went as far as the sixth shooter on the shootout. How good was he? He stopped 31 of 32 shots and stopped Sid the Kid not once, but twice on penalty shots. (By the way, I'm still wondering how he ended up as the third star because in my mind he should have been the first.) Anyway, if you missed the mano-a-mano between Louie and Crosby, here's some video (via YouTube):

It's really a shame that the guys didn't get their legs going until the second period. I know they were playing their third game in four nights, but then again, so were the Pens. By the time they could muster up some offense, Dany Sabourin was in a groove - he finished with 35 saves on 36 shots - and the game was going into the shootout where the Canucks have still yet to win this season.

Speaking of which, what is it about the Canucks that they can't score in the shootout? So far this season, they've scored two goals on 14 shots and both of those goals were scored by Trevor Linden. He's almost becoming our team's version of Jussi Jokinen.

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