Saturday, December 15, 2007

Game Day Post: Canucks at Oilers

One more game then they're home. They even get a couple of nights off. Imagine that.

The Canucks play the Edmonton Oilers tonight, the final game of a two-week, eight-game in eight cities stretch. Actually, going back the last month, the Canucks have played 17 games in nine cities in 32 nights. It'll be a relief for the boys for sure and will hopefully give those who are nursing nagging little things - like sleep deprivation, for example - a chance to rest up.

After a nice run of seven straight wins against the Oilers, the Canucks have lost the last couple of match-ups, both of them in a shootout. Come to think of it, the Oilers have 15 wins for the season and nine of those wins have come in the shootout. The key to winning tonight's game? Don't let the game go to a shootout.

I've been trying to look for some sort of injury report, but haven't been able to find a recent one. More specifically, I don't know if Ryan Kesler and Roberto Luongo will be back yet. Kes (only) had the flu and sat out the last game so maybe he'll draw back in for Mike Weaver. And while Louie wasn't supposed to be back until Tuesday, there was some talk that he might actually be back tonight. If anyone hears anything, drop a comment below.

More preview pieces on the game:
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