Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shorty to Sportsnet

John sent me this tidbit from Alanah's site this afternoon.

The departure of Jim Hughson from Sportsnet Pacific to the hallowed halls of Hockey Night in Canada at CBC has left a large hole in the broadcast landscape for Vancouver Canucks fans. But that might be changing in a matter of hours.

Rumors out of Sportsnet have it that John Shorthouse has agreed to a deal with the network to call all their televised Canucks games this season, while still maintaining his gig at TEAM 1040 for those games being televised on other networks.
I guess this move isn't much of a surprise. Shorty has been rumored to take over from Hughson since it was announced that Hughson would be moving full-time to CBC.

I agree with Alanah that this is a solid move. As well, it's a natural career path for Shorty, I think. The next question is, who takes over as the play-by-play guy on TEAM 1040? (Not Dan Russell please.)

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 7:33 PM


At June 03, 2008 8:25 PM, Anonymous GZ Expat said...

Shorty has a beautiful radio voice...his voice grabbed me from the first day I heard it...perfect delivery. He doesn't yell at me...he talks to me. His voice goes slightly up and down, depending upon the intensity of the game.

In Portland I grew up listening to Bill Schonley call play by play for the Trailblazers. He had the same sort of delivery...but the Schonz could become a bit more excited from time to time. Then, they moved the Schonz to TV...and he was out of place. He continued to call the games as if it were radio...descriptive. Problem was, I could see what was happening, I don't need the full view. Contrast that to Jim Houghson, who only helps animate the pictures you view with just the right words...no yelling, just talking through the game.

I hope Shorty doesn't go through the same difficulties the Schonz did when he tried to make the transition. A radio voice is a wonderful thing...but often, it doesn't translate well to TV.

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