Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving Day

Dear friends and readers,

After 3 seasons on Blogger, 3 months off and some convincing from The Crazy Canucks crew, I've decided to make the move to WordPress and a new domain. The new (and hopefully improved) Canucks Hockey Blog is now on http://canuckshockeyblog.com - if have a link to Canucks Hockey Blog from your site, please change the link to http://canuckshockeyblog.com or http://www.canuckshockeyblog.com.

WordPress is a new beast for me. I hope you bear with me while I learn to take full advantage of its different features, plug-ins, widgets and such. My plan is to re-create my blog roll by the weekend and just make minor layout changes as I figure out the program. In the meantime, because I know some of you subscribe to the Blogger feed, I'll make every effort to cross-post here and on the new site. (I'll promise I'll try but please don't hold me to it and just point or subscribe to the new site.) I've also made the decision to leave my all my old posts here, though I've killed my old domain so you may not be able to see some of the pictures I've posted.

Alanah kinda alluded to it in this post, but season 4 of Canucks Hockey Blog and The Crazy Canucks promises to be a good one. We're hoping to pull out all the stops and give the average fan a voice louder than Dave Pratt.

Thanks for 3 great seasons - I can't say enough how you keep me going - and see you on the new site!

posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:49 PM


At September 11, 2008 8:41 PM, Anonymous GZ Expat said...

Hooray! Now you won't be blocked in China

At September 12, 2008 5:23 AM, Blogger J.J. Guerrero said...

Haha! Awesome!

Time to reach out to 1.3 billion potential Canucks fans.

At September 12, 2008 8:30 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Well done man, welcome to the horrors of URL ownership. And Wordpress is a beast but I can give ya a hand if you need it.

At September 12, 2008 12:02 PM, Anonymous Canucks fan said...

You will love wordpress and now own all of your content, no sense writting it for someone else.

At September 13, 2008 12:38 PM, Blogger Miss 604 said...

cool! are you going to import your posts from the blogspot site into the new one or just make a clean break? It maybe help with Google searchability to bring it on over. Anyhoo - new site looks good, keep going - hope you enjoy it!

At October 16, 2008 7:34 AM, Anonymous Fabian said...

wuuuuuw i like the canucks =)

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