Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stupid Shelley

Listening to MOJO 730 this afternoon, I was surprised at how many callers were defending Jody Shelley's CROSS-CHECK FROM BEHIND on one of my new, favorite players, Alex Burrows.

Burrows, of course, threw a big, but clean, hit on Zherdev in the third period of last night's game. A little while later, Gerald Gallant put Jody Shelley, who had played a grand total of five shifts to that point, on the ice for a Blue Jackets powerplay; Shelley went straight from the bench to give Burrows a CROSS-CHECK FROM BEHIND. Burrows never saw it coming.

If the league were to learn anything from the Bertuzzi-Moore incident, it's that cheap shots should not be tolerated. Say whatever you want about Burrows' willingness - or unwillingness - to drop the gloves following his legal hit on Zherdev, Jody Shelley's CROSS-CHECK FROM BEHIND, especially in a 7-4 game with only a couple of minutes left and the game already decided, is the kind of play that the NHL needs to eliminate.

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