Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oilers 4 Hurricanes 3 (OT)

After being given up for dead, the Edmonton Oilers broke a 1-for-1,543 slump on the powerplay en route to a 4-3 OT win against the Carolina Hurricanes, and extended the series to a game 6.

From Black Dog Hates Skunks:

Terrific game which could have gone either way. Canes PP and Staal in particular were excellent. Oil PP - well, they got one goal, and, to be honest, it looked better then it has. Hopefully it will get better again on Saturday. Nice shot by Schremp (there's no way that was Hemsky) for the PP goal.

Matt Greene owes Pisani and Markannen dinner. Maybe Staios can help him out with that. It would only be right.
Loxy has an ode to OT hero, Fernando Pisani:

Can you hear the crowd fernando?
I remember long ago another victory like this
In the first round fernando
You were playing in college and slowly working your pk
You could hear the distant crowd
And sounds of Oiler calls were coming from afar

We are there now fernando
Every hour, every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid fernando
Our team, young and full of life and none of us prepared to win
And Iā€™m not ashamed to say
The sound of goals and comebacks really made me cry.
Covered In Oil would like to thank him:

Thanks, Fernando, for single-handedly defeating Cam Ward, the Canes' terrifying powerplay, McGoo's horrendous reffing ā€” and in particular his call on Staios that put us a man down even though Steve was clearly trying to escape Recchi as he tucked Staois's stick under his arm and went sailing through the air ā€” and all that other bullshit that was supposed to be the end of us, and keeping the dream alive.
Andy Grabia adds:

Fernando Pisani has now been canonized in The Holy Edmonton Oilers Church as "Saint Fernando," Patron Saint of Lost Hockey Causes.

I bet the reporters won't confuse Pisani with Jason Smith any longer.
On the Carolina side of things, Ron Francis is hurting:

Ouch, that hurts. You always here that the 4th game is the hardest to win in a series, but I, like you, thought that they were going to do it tonight, especially when they got the PP in OT. The PP had been so effective all night, that I think everyone felt that when Edmonton took the penalty in OT, the game and the Cup were well within reach. That is why this one hurts, nobody saw it coming.
Stormbringer is upset:

Ok, it's official: The Alberta Tea are royally getting on my nerves.

BUT, at the same time, so are my beloved Canes. Why didn't they go for the jugular tonight?! They usually have the brains and talent...so where was the Miller Time*? I could go on...one could swear that the Oilers wanted the Cup more than the Canes did. And in that regard, at the risk of having a few Caniacs demanding my head on a silver platter, the Oil deserved tonight's game more than the Canes did.
Meanwhile, the Acid Queen isn't rattled at all:

Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

And after Smyth's little stunt (edit: link added) this morning, I don't want to hear any of the Oilers fans whining that we're classless.

Just sayin'.
And Cason Blog is just hoping for a better game on Saturday night:

Back to Edmonton. Hopefully AWard and Doug Weight's shoulders have been put back in place and taped up. Staal was way too lax on the PP in OT even before the turnover. Letting Peca run him off the puck...arrgh. Too bad because he was a monster the rest of the night. Lesson learned. Come out firing and break the hometown fans hearts Saturday night.
Personally, I thought last night's was a great game. I think both teams played their hearts out. There were lots of chances at both ends, and at one point of the NBC telecast, John Davidson even commented that this was probably the fastest game of the series.

I concur.

I switched to Hockey Night in Canada after a friend tipped me off to mention that the Carolina fans were singing OUR national anthem - actually gave me goosebumps just watching - and I switched over for Coach's Corner. I remembered quite quickly why I took to watching the NBC feed for this series. McLean and Cherry were horrible. And while I've got the utmost respect for both, McLean especially should stop worrying about the officiating.

Meanwhile, the work of the NBC crew continue to impress me. Doc, JD and Pierre have kept it simple but very informative, and I like the work of Bill Clement, Eddie O. and Ray Ferraro during the intermissions. Personal favorite moment of last night's feed was a clip of Kevyn Adams' (?) daughter singing little Annie at home then him skating to her pre-game and saying hi. Little things like that really show the human side of these players.

Game 6 starts at 5 PM on Saturday night.

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At June 15, 2006 12:30 PM, Blogger Loxy said...

I re-worked Abba's tune for the first round defeat of Detroit.

I'll get up a new version when the Oilers win the cup. :)

At June 15, 2006 5:04 PM, Blogger GETkristiLOVE said...

I love it when a Canadian team is in the finals. The fans are like no other. Let's Go Oilers, eh?!

At June 16, 2006 7:40 AM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

Can't wait the Oilers' next promotional video - set to Dancing Queen! :p

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