Friday, February 09, 2007

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 20

On the night that Jeff Cowan played his best game as a Canuck, the gang got together and recorded episode numero 20 of The Crazy Canucks. We were also joined by Loxy of You Are A Blog and Hot-Oil fame.

A momentous episode for the history of our podcast, we have the first guest join us, and there is an outnumbering of females to male ratio. Loxy from an Edmonton Oiler fan blog, Hot Oil, joins in on the discussion, especially her take on the two wins over the team so near to her heart. We also hash out the loss to Calgary in between the four points we got last Thursday and tonight. Unfortunately, Dave was unable to join us for this episode.

Record as of this episode: 30-20-4
Northwest Division: 2nd
Western Conference: 7th

The division continues to be a tough battle, and it was really great to have Loxy on the podcast to get an outside view of how other teams view the competition that the Canucks bring. Even though you might love to hate the Oilers, she gives you a little insight to what it’s like for an Edmonton lover living in Vancouver, plus we pick her brain on how her fellow fans view Luongo and the Sedins. And since the schedule debate continues to be a hot topic, we pose the question to Loxy as well.
Click here to listen to the episode.

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